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Usain Bolt Says He Is Ready To Have Three Kids With Kasi Bennett

Usain Bolt is ready to knock up his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett.

It was just two years ago that Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt says he is not ready to have kids, but now he is singing a different tune. Bolt is currently playing professional football in Australia and already scored two goals in his debut match. In an interview with Australia’s Stellar magazine, the legendary athlete says he has since had a change of heart because he realized that there is never a good time to have kids.

“Something I’ve learned is it’s never a good time to have kids,” Bolt said. “It took me a while to figure that out. It’s never a good time. You just have to buckle down and do it. It’s in the near future, so, hopefully. We’ll see.”

In another interview back in 2016, Usain Bolt, 32, said he is not ready to have kids although he admitted that he wants babies eventually with his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett. At the time he said that he and Bennett were just getting series and he was at the end of his athletic career and wanted to have some fun.

Usain Bolt is now on trials for Australian A-Team Mariners. Last week, he score his first goal in a friendly against North Shore Mariners when his netted twice to give his team the win.

Daughter beats mom outside school

The Lacovia High schoolgirl who was seen on video beating her mother, while in her uniform, is expected to face disciplinary actions at various levels as several agencies have been brought in to address what is seemingly a wider issue.

Variations of the recorded attack have been circulating on the Internet with most persons bashing the child for raining blows on her mother.

THE STAR was not told what lead to the altercation, which unfolded in full view of other students and bystanders outside the school.

However, a 30-second clip of the amateur video was sent to our news team.

It begins with the mother wielding a piece of board with her daughter in her grasp.

The schoolgirl then starts to rain blows on her mother, much to her discomfort and confusion.

Students then started to gather around the two shouting: “Mother and daughter a fight.” After falling to the ground, the little girl got up and continued raining blows and kicks before they were separated.

In an interview with THE STAR yesterday, Richard Bennett, Lacovia High School’s principal, said: “We are aware of the incident and have given our response to the ministry. We totally reject the behaviour of the student to her parent. It is not in keeping with the school.”

The principal said that the matter has been reported to the police, the Ministry of Education, and the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA).

“We believe the child has some long-standing parental issues. The matter has been brought to the school board, and we will be guided by the ministry. The child displayed behaviour not in keeping with a normal student,” Bennett said.

According to the principal, the CPFSA was contacted because the female student has a history of deviant and maladjusted behaviour that needed intervention.

Our news team contacted the Lacovia police who said that the investigations were ongoing.

More than 100 and counting… FLA says licensed guns issued in breach of protocols

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has indicated that more than 100 guns for which licences were issued in breach of protocols remain in the hands of individuals.

And Chief Executive Officer Shane Dalling said the number is going up as assessments continue.

He made the revelation this morning during a sitting of Parliament’s internal and External Affairs Committee.

Dalling said among the breaches found when he took office in June last year was that FLA employees were taking firearm licence applications directly to members of the board of directors for approval, bypassing the executive office.

The problem with this, said Dalling, is that gun licences were approved before the required security clearance was submitted.

“What we discovered is that… after the licences are granted the security clearance comes in and there are adverse traces,” Dalling explained.

He said that placed the FLA in a position where it had to be trying to retrieve the firearm from the holders granted the permit.

Dalling said he found, too, that some of these FLA employees were collecting money from applicants and interfering with persons in departments that played no role in the approval process.

He said there was also interactions by board members with staff to influence gun permit applications and the general breakdown of the procedures that ought to be followed.

However, the FLA boss said measures have since been put in place to stamp out those “issues of corruption” and end the practice of employees interacting directly with board members.

But he acknowledged that a number of the firearms issued as a result of the breach remain outstanding.

“How many applications would you say breached the protocols?” asked committee member Lisa Hanna.

“Several and still counting,” Dalling replied before he was pressed for a more precise figure.

“Well over 100 and the numbers are going up as we go along each day,” he explained.

Teen in custody after grandfather found in shallow grave

THREE years ago when Delene Seabourne reunited with her father, her expectation was that the relationship would be long-lasting. However, little did she know that death, allegedly at the hands of a family member, would have snatched him from her.

Delene’s 73-year-old father, Errol, was found in a shallow grave Sunday night after his relatives filed a missing person’s report. He was last seen on Friday morning.

The relatives who had been preparing for another family member’s funeral when they last saw him, said it was unlike him to not show up at the “set-up” that evening and the funeral on Saturday.

On Sunday, when one of his nieces went to his house to make checks, she was told by the deceased man’s step-grandson, who was living with him, that he had not seen him since Tuesday.

The niece detected a foul odour and raised an alarm. The residents conducted a further search that led them to an area where they saw fresh soil and the dead man’s hand protruding from the dirt.

“Mi just getting to know the man and him gone,” Delene said as she stood at a shop in the community of Pondside in Red Hills, St Andrew, yesterday.

“Mi nuh used to him yet. I met him when I was five [years old]. Mi nuh see him back until when mi a 20. Mi nuh see him back again until just the other day,” the woman told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

Spending her 47th birthday with her father in June reassured her that the man she only knew of really wanted to be in her life.

Even though losing him was not on her mind, Delene said when she spoke with her father on Wednesday, he told her that the grandson who had allegedly threatened to kill him had returned to the area.

“I told him to be careful and he said, ‘Yeah, man, if anything I will call the police.’ So yesterday mi frighten when my brother call mi and a say dem cannot find him. Two days now dem a look for him,” she said.

The woman, who was at a meeting when she got a phone call that he had been found in a shallow grave, said it is too much for her to bear.

“Mi a say, ‘Look how we make plan because my babyfather dead and nuh bury yet,’ and I called him Wednesday and a tell him ’bout it and him a tell mi say if anything call him,” she said.

Errol’s son, Kingsley, who was also building a relationship with his father, said he had heard similar stories in the media but never thought his father would be brutally killed.

“It is so sad to know that your own grandson that you try to live for [allegedly] do something like this… The elder always try to protect you and make you know what is right from wrong. I don’t really know what triggered it…” Kingsley explained.

The deceased man’s niece, Karen, who led the search, said when she went to the police station to make a report she was told that only two officers were at the station and that they were unable to visit the community. She was reportedly asked to return on Monday.

Karen said when she along with her brother-in-law visited the house and introduced themselves to the teenager, he allegedly began acting in a “suspicious manner”.

“Mi asked him, ‘When last you see him?’ Him say, ‘Tuesday’. So mi say, ‘Tuesday? So how him missing from Tuesday and you don’t tell nobody?’

“The place was dark so mi ask him if him can turn on the light for me. Him say mi fi come inside come turn on the light. So then me say to him say, ‘Mi wah go inna the house to see if mi uncle take sick inside there.’ Then him say mi must come open the door… I took something and open the window. After we opened the window mi say, ‘Mi smell something stink’. And then him say, ‘Today’s date is what?’ Mi come out and mi scream out… Wi start to search and wi saw some fresh dirt here and wi look. When wi move away the dirt we saw his hand pointing up in the air,” Karen explained.

By this time, Karen said the teenager had turned off the light.

“He was wearing a white T-shirt so we could still see him. He had something in his hand and then he went up on the banking where my uncle is, then he went back inside the house and took up his bag and then him come down and the residents held on to him. He never said a thing until when him start get lick and we asked him how him dead, and him [allegedly] say him cut the vein on his left hand and mek him bleed out,” she added.

The teenager is now ion police custody.

The residents, who were as traumatised as the Errol’s relatives, said Errol was a good man.

“Anything you asked Mr Errol for and him nuh give you, a have him nuh have it. Him loving and kind, friendly with everybody. Anybody him nuh friendly with is who just come, who come yesterday. I’m saddened by it because is a good man. All now yuh see mi yah, mi still cyaan believe,” Carol Wellington said.

Three St James cops accused of blackmailing men caught in ‘compromising position’

Three police officers in St James have been accused of attempting to blackmail two men who they reportedly caught in a “compromising position” in the parish in August.

The accused are Constables Damian Wilson and Shawn Stewart and District Constable Jerry Boothe.

It is said that the three lawmen took video recordings and photographs of two men who they found sleeping in a motor vehicle along Kent Road in Montego Bay on Saturday, August 19.

According to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), the officers then solicited $50,000 from the men in order to avoid being prosecuted for breaches of the Buggery Act. The complainants reportedly gave them $10,000 and made arrangements for the rest to be paid at a later date.

It is further alleged that District Constable Boothe later contacted one of the complainants and solicited another $35,000 not to publicise the photos and video that were taken.

Subsequently, the complainants visited the MOCA-West office where a report was made, an investigation conducted and the policemen arrested.

Following an identification parade where they were identified, Wilson, Stewart and Boothe were charged by detectives from MOCA on Wednesday September 25 for breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act.

‘Don’t send us murder in a barrel’, pleads Senator Kerensia Morrison

Government Senator Kerensia Morrison on Friday pleaded with Jamaicans living overseas to “not send murder in a barrel” back home.

Senator Morrison made the appeal during her contribution to the debate to extend the state of emergency (SOE) in three police divisions in Kingston and St Andrew until January 7.

The SOE was declared by Prime Minister Andrew Holness on September 23 for an initial 14 days in the Kingston Western, Kingston Central and St Andrew South police divisions, to combat “rampant criminality” in the affected communities.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to extend the SOE, the third such measure imposed in Jamaica since January 18.

During her contribution to the debate, which approved the proposed three-month extension, Senator Morrison asked rhetorically: “Mr President, who’s sending these guns? Are guns manufactured here in Jamaica?”

The senator pointed to crime-fighting measures suggested by her colleague senators during their contributions to the debate, but said, “I also agree that we need to be aggressive in putting all the tools that are available in place to fight crime.”

According to Morrison, there has to be a partnership to fight crime here in Jamaica and also overseas.

“Mr President, we want those individuals, those people, those groups, those bodies, whoever they are, to stop it. Stop sending guns here.

“We can’t do it alone. Those responsible for shipping weapons to Jamaica must be found, and must be held accountable,” she stated.

Earlier this week, two shipments of guns and ammunition in barrels were intercepted by joint security teams in operations at Kingston Wharves.

In the face of the increasingly common development, Morrison made a special plea to Jamaicans living overseas to “help us to fight crime.

“We do not want any guns in any food barrel.

“Send us the school fee. Send the lunch money. Send the money to give youths a start. Do not send them murder in a barrel.”

Entertainer’s mother pleads for his release – Squash is not a criminal

Shelly-Ann Millwood, the mother of entertainer Squash, is pleading with the police and other authorities to release her son from lock-up.

Squash, given name AndrÈ Whittaker, 27, was taken into custody on August 8, and has been in custody since then, although he was brought before a tribunal on August 30.

Millwood said her son’s lawyer told her “my son is a free man, he is not on no charge, but it will take two weeks for them to release him”.

“It’s two months now and my son is still in custody,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Squash’s latest detention comes after he spent more than four months earlier this year in lock-up at the Freeport Police Station in Montego Bay under the state of emergency, before he was released in June without charge.

“Him out there doing him thing and likkle afta they put out him name and say him must carry in himself because he is wanted for questioning. We get a lawyer, the lawyer take him in, and the lawyer talk to dem and dem say him free to go,” she explained.

However, Millwood said a couple of days later, the police came to her home looking for him, but he was performing at Dream Weekend on August 6.




Two days after his return, he was picked up by police in St Ann. However, he was brought to Freeport.

Millwood is convinced of her son’s innocence.

“The man no involve inna crime. Squash is not a man of war, if yuh bring war to that man, that man walk away from yuh and gone,” she said.

And despite the Trending artiste scoring a number of hits, she said his career has been curtailed by what she calls ‘unjust detentions’, which prevent him from carrying out his role as the breadwinner for his family.

“A over 14 shows mi count weh him miss, right now him have shows in Ochi, Taboo, [and] him have show overseas a Dubai,” Millwood said noting that monies have had to be refunded on numerous occasions.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Stacy-Ann Young, the president of the Cornwall Bar Association, she confirmed that Whittaker was brought before the tribunal.

“Thirtieth of August was the date that they went before the tribunal and they are still awaiting the ruling. We have not been given an indication on when a ruling would be coming,” she explained.

Millwood said that the pressure of seeing her son spending extended periods of time in lock-up is becoming hard to bear.

“A true mi strong and believe inna mi self and believe inna mi son else mi mad. Right now mi nuh care cause enough is enough,” she said.

Macka Diamond collabs with cross-dresser

Veteran dancehall artiste Macka Diamond has collaborated with a cross-dresser on a song, which she hopes will help her make big bucks and hit the international charts.

The Dye Dye artiste, on the weekend, teased a song, Cup A Syrup, which she did with cross-dresser Dancehall King Chrissy.

“It doesn’t matter who he is,” Macka Diamond told The STAR when asked whether she is prepared for possible backlash.

“I can’t be doing music for just Jamaica alone because music is universal. This guy, I’m sure will do well and I’m willing to promote his song because it’s something different, and I am not prejudiced,” she said.

Macka Diamond re-posted a video of herself and Chrissy vibing in the studio as they put the finishing touches on the track.

“A Mackadocious alongside Chrissy, this one is a hit,” Macka Diamond can be heard saying in the video.

Well aware of the criticism she may face from her collaborating with an openly gay artiste, Macka Diamond told THE STAR that she could care less what people will think or say.

“He’s a great guy, I don’t see anything wrong with him and if Jamaica and Jamaicans are gonna say something about it that’s OK. [And] I’m prepared because I’m just doing music. At the end of the day, if this song goes international and hits Billboards, I’m getting royalty cheques coming in and so I don’t care what people are going to say. It’s business and it’s fun, nothing to stress about,” Macka Diamond said.

Jamaica records best quarter of growth in 10 years – PIOJ boss

The Jamaican economy is experiencing a level of economic growth not seen in the last ten years, according to Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Dr Wayne Henry.

Henry made the observation on Tuesday as he appeared before the parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC), which examined and approved the First Supplementary Estimates for the 2018/19 fiscal year.

The estimates were tabled in the House of Representatives on September 25 by Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke.

Henry noted that the 2.2 per cent growth that was recorded in the April to June quarter and which was referenced by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) recently, was the largest such quarterly growth rate since 2009.

“The growth for the quarter April to June, 2018 based on the PIOJ forecast. Last Friday STATIN gave the official figures of the April to June quarter and it shows that the economy grew by an estimated 2.2 per cent for the first quarter of fiscal year 2018/19.

“And it equals the performance for July to September 2016 and is the highest quarterly growth rate recorded since 2009…so typically in the last decade,” said Henry.

The PIOJ head noted that the growth recorded in the construction sector was the highest quarterly rate registered in a decade.

“And growth in the services industries was up .7 per cent due to growth in all industries with the exception of producers of government services which remain flat,” he said.

Henry also told the committee that with the better than anticipated out turn, the growth forecast was bright.

Cop arrested in St Catherine firearm seizure

Lawmen attached to the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Division (C-TOC) have arrested a police officer and another man in connection to the seizure of two firearms along Myers Lane, Newlands in St Catherine yesterday.

The weapons are reported to be an AK- 47 rifle with fifteen 7.62 rounds of ammunition and a Taurus 9mm pistol containing fifteen 9mm rounds.

Reports are that about 8:00 pm investigators conducted a snap operation in the area when the weapons were seized and the two men taken into custody.

More information later.

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