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Beenie apologises to Desha, others who didn’t perform at Summer Sizzle

International dancehall star Beenie Man has apologised to his daughter and a number of his superstar friends who were unable to perform at his highly successful Summer Sizzle Festival over the weekend.

“I just want to apologise to my friends, Josey Wales, Burru Banton, Admiral Bailey and Ghost who were set for my 80/90s dancehall segment,” Beenie Man told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

“There was going to be a tribute segment to that early era of dancehall pulling on some of the artistes that inspired me to enter dancehall. Regrettably, it didn’t work, so i just want to apologise to my friends who didn’t get to take the stage, but who came to support and show love same way,” he explained.

Konshens and Tommy Lee perform at Summer Sizzle.

Beenie Man also had a special apology to his daughter, Desha, who was booked to dance but, because of time constraints, couldn’t get to perform.

“This was heartbreaking for me because it’s my eldest daughter and my only child who is in the dancehall space with me. But she understands and we will definitely tighten up the running order for next year,” he said.

Beenie Man is elated that there was such a large turnout of patrons to his Summer Sizzle Festival show over the weekend.

Beenie Man’s daughter, Desha Ravers

“Right now, Summer Sizzle Festival is going to be an annual event for the people of Clarendon,” he said.

Well-known booking agent and music insider Tameka Reynolds, one of the principal organisers of Summer Sizzle Festival, called the event an “incredible success’.

“The physical setting and overall decor of the event were exceptional, we went all out with the staging and lights, and we had a massive turnout; police estimated at least 15,000 people. But what was exceptional about the event was the sense of unity between the artistes. Only Beenie Man has the capacity to bring so many different artistes from reggae and dancehall together, when last have you see Aidonia, Tommy Lee, Jahvinci, TJ, Konshens and Beenie Man on one stage?” she said.

“Summer Sizzle is back, and we’re back with a bang!” Reynolds concluded.

Alkaline Style Bounty Killer In His DM

Alkaline and Bounty Killer beef just got more serious.

After the dancehall legend aired out Alkaline and Mavado on Instagram last weekend, the Vendetta deejay has finally respond. Instead of leaving a comment or making a statement on his Instagram page addressing Bounty Killer, Alka instead send him a direct message. This morning Killer posted a screenshot of the message on his IG exposing the “Load Up” deejay.

“S*ck out yuh mumma yah b*tch,” Alka told Killer who responded saying, “B*tch mi dissed you publicly WTF you doing in my DM you looking man be yourself and talk publicly or shut the pit under your nose.”

Bounty Killer didn’t stop there, he posted a screenshot on IG with a lengthy post chewing out Alkaline. “IG look WTF I found in my DM this morning a f** who doesn’t even follow one b**ch gyal or a chick on IG sliding in my DM to diss me after me diss the batty washer publicly on mi timeline,” Killer wrote. “[Alkaline] @Manhimselff a look a man himself unuh tell me what unuh think this Sunday school nerd pu**y who sings about go every garrison still have me watch and me chain.”

‘Deflated’ Butt Pic Of Blac Chyna Shocks Fans

Blac Chyna is causing fans to wonder whether or not she has removed her alleged butt implants!

A paparazzi photograph shows the reality TV star wearing a pair of yoga pants, and it is safe to say that her usually huge asset was not really there anymore.

Several media outlets were quick to notice, and so, Rob Kardashian’s baby mother made headlines.

Blac Chyna 'Deflated' Butt Pic Shocks Fans

Online media giants, the Blast and Daily Mail, went as far as to call it ‘the deflating booty.’

Previously, rumors that she underwent a butt reduction surgery last year were actually disproved in recent months with selfies, however, everyone is confused.

Blac Chyna ‘had been undergoing a series of procedures designed to reduce the size of her butt, according to an article on MediaTakeOut.com.

Prior to that, her scandal on Instagram with baby daddy Rob Kardashian took place, and her body took center stage once more than ever.

“Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all of that weight after the baby, and she lies to everyone, but no I am such a great Husband that on our anniversary I paid 100K to do this surgery to get all everything fixed as much as they could,” only Kardashian son ranted at the time.

Rob also posted clips of the Instagram model in the surgery room.

Blac Chyna’s pre-pregnancy body was back almost immediately after giving birth to their baby Dream at the end of 2016!

However, while there was never really a big difference until now, her ex-boyfriend did say at the time that she had her buttocks reduced.

“And so u know she had her butt reduced, but I know it still looks wild,” he revealed.

Since 2018, Blac Chyna has been sharing a lot of revealing pics on social media and her rare end looked as inflated as ever.


Mother gave child to the wrong brother

I am 19 years old, and I am having a problem that I would like to share with you. I am living with my mother and step- father. My mother has three of us, and growing up, I was always told that ‘such and such man’ was my father, but that man never supported me. When I was three years old, my mother got involved with the man I call my stepfather. This man has supported me all along. I know he is not my father, but to me, he is. He has never abused me in any way. I love and respect him.

My mother is a very attractive woman, and her relatives always curse her and tell her that he has taken up an ugly-looking man. Her friends always wonder why she has taken up such an ugly-looking man. My stepfather always likes to brag about her.

Now, I am told by people on my father’s side that the man who I think is my father is not really my father. They have told me that his brother is my father. When I heard that, I was surprised. So, I asked my mother about it one day when we were alone, and she asked me who had told me that. I told her, and she said I should never let that come out of my mouth again. I promised her that I would not tell anybody what I was told. She said, “not everything good to eat good to talk.”

One day, I asked a friend what that proverb means and she said that one should not reveal everything one knows or hears.

I have not got an answer from my mother. I am hoping to hear what she has to say. From my understanding, my mother had relations with both brothers, and when she got pregnant, she wasn’t sure which one of them had caused it. She gave me to the wrong brother, and that is part of the reason why he did not support me when I was growing up.

When I was graduating, I asked my mother if I could invite the man whose name I carry and also his brother. I did not get a straight answer from her, but she mumbled something like, “Then I would not have to come.”

Pastor, do you think that I should go back to my mother about this problem. It is bothering me. I don’t hold anything against my mother. If the man I thought to be my father is my uncle, I would like to know. And if it is the other way around, then I would still like to know. I would like also my children to know who their correct grandfather is.

Another thing that is on my mind, Pastor, is whether my stepfather knows the truth about my mother. Who did she tell him is my father? And would I be stirring up trouble for her?

– V.O.

Dear V.O.,

I am sure you don’t want to do anything to embarrass your mother. But if your mother had unprotected sex with both brothers and became pregnant, she would not have known which one got her pregnant. She took a chance by calling the wrong man’s name. I am sure she was hoping that it was he who got her pregnant.

If you are from rural Jamaica, you wouldn’t be surprised that the people in the community knew long ago that you are not the daughter of the man you believed all these years to be your father. In fact, you have come to know that because people have been saying it in the community. And your mother has not denied it. But you have to look at it as something that happened long ago and cannot be undone. On the other hand, you have the right to know the truth.

You are an adult, and your mother should tell you the truth. Things like that have happened many times. Some women are very careless and, for reasons better known to themselves have had sexual intercourse with both brothers, and sometimes, even cousins of brothers. If your mother does not raise the matter with you, go back to her and tell her why you wish to know. Assure her that you do not wish to embarrass her, but it would give you a peace of mind to know the truth. Is this man’s name on your birth certificate? If the answer is in the affirmative, you may consider getting it changed. The Register General’s Department can advise you on how to go about that.



UPDATE: Robbers return travel docs to ‘stranded’ woman, but no money

A US-based woman who faced being stranded in Jamaica, after being robbed of her travel documents among other items, was able to leave the island Tuesday following the recovery of her passport and other essentials.

One man has been taken into custody in connection with the robbery of the woman in downtown Kingston over the weekend which, in addition to her travel documents, relieved her of $100,000 in cash.

Police report that the woman was walking along Princess Street in downtown Kingston on Saturday when she was held up at knife point by a group of hoodlums.

She had risked missing her flight back to the United States on Tuesday but received good news at the eleventh hour when police were able to track down the perpetrators.

“We were able to make a breakthrough in the case, and one man from the group was held,” an investigating officer at the Darling Street Police Station told Loop News.

Other suspects in the robbery were not apprehended but, upon hearing that the lawmen were searching for them, placed the documents at a particular location and “sent word out to the police”, the investigating officer explained.

He said the police subsequently collected the travel documents and returned them to the woman who was able to catch her flight.

The stolen funds were not found and the other suspects remain at large, the cop said.

Man chopped to death, another injured as woman flees raging lover

A violent domestic dispute in Glengoffe, St Catherine on Sunday resulted in the death of one man while two other persons have been hospitalised following the melee.

The deceased has been identified as Marlon Robinson, a labourer of Glengoffe, St Catherine.

According to police reports the perpetrator, whose identity is withheld pending further investigations, was involved in a domestic dispute with his 22-year-old lover about 11:30 pm, when he allegedly used a machete to inflict chops wounds to her neck and chest.

The young woman reportedly ran to Robinson’s home in an attempt to escape, but was subsequently chased by her attacker, who the police said entered the house and chopped Robinson several times.

Another man, who supposedly tried to assist the injured woman when she fled Robinson’s house, was also wounded by the assailant.

The three injured persons were taken to the Linstead Hospital where Robinson succumbed to his injuries. The perpetrator is now in police custody.

US-based woman stranded in Jamaica after being robbed

A US-based woman is stranded in Jamaica after she was robbed of her travel documents and cash in downtown Kingston over the weekend.

Police were up to early Tuesday morning searching for the group of hoodlums who held up the woman in and robbed her of over a $100, 000 and documents, including her passport, which she was to use to leave the island later in the day.

“Reports we have received are that the woman, who was walking on Princess Street in downtown Kingston on Saturday when she was held up at knife point by a group of men,” a Darling Street Police Station officer told Loop News.

The men cornered the woman, threatened to harm her and then grabbed her bag and ran, he said.

Police said following the incident the woman reported the matter.

She told us (the police) that losing the money and other documents has left her literally stranded in the island as she was to leave the island later today,” the cop said on Tuesday.

Police are reportedly following several leads in their efforts to locate the perpetrators.

According to law enforcement officers, there has been a noticeable increase in robberies in and around downtown Kingston in recent months, a development that has triggered concerns among members of the public.

Montague awards grants to 124 tertiary students in St Mary

One hundred and twenty-four young people in Western St Mary who will be attending a number of tertiary institutions in Jamaica were recently presented with education grants awarded to them by Member of Parliament, Robert Montague.

The students, who will be starting school this September, were awarded at a ceremony which took place on Sunday at the Gayle Seventh Day Adventist Church in St Mary.

Montague, in his address, encouraged the students to stay focused and to believe in themselves.

“I believe that when it comes to education, politics should not play a role. Every child can learn and every child should learn. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, it’s where you’re going that matters. Education is the ladder that you will use to bring you out of poverty and on a path to prosperity.”

Students awarded were from several tertiary institutions, including the University of the West Indies, University of Technology, Northern Caribbean University, Caribbean Maritime University, Moneague College, Enda Manly College and GC Foster College.

The education grant was funded by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) along with funds raised by Montague.

Major crimes down 16.8 per cent

Categorised by the police as murder, shooting, rape, and aggravated assault — have dropped by just under 17 per cent between January 1 and August 11, compared to the same period last year, the Jamaica Constabulary Force reported yesterday.

According to the police force’s ‘Periodic Serious and Violent Crimes Review’, a total of 797 murders were reported over the period — a 16.8 per cent decrease on the 958 committed over the same time line last year.

Shootings dropped by 15.4 per cent, with 706 recorded for the current period compared to 835 last year.

The data also showed that 269 acts of rape were committed between January 1 and August 11, 2018, a decrease of 15.1 per cent on the 317 reported over the same period last year, while 213 cases of aggravated assault were reported, compared to 276, a decrease of 22.8 per cent.

The statistics would have come as good news for the Government which has been stoutly defending its imposition of anti-crime measures in St Catherine Northern, St James, and Denham Town in West Kingston that have limited some individual freedoms.

However, the 797 murders represented increases of 55 over the same period in 2016; 68 on those reported in 2015; and 99 for the same period in 2014.

But the data also showed that 668 robberies were committed between January 1 and August 11, a decrease of 9.4 per cent; break-ins were down 7.2 per cent, while larceny increased by 12.2 per cent.

For the review period, the police report that 453 firearms and 7,247 rounds of ammunition were seized, compared to 520 firearms and 12,719 rounds over the similar time line last year.

Guns were used to commit 80.4 per cent of murders (641) for the review period compared to 81 per cent (776) last year, while knives were used to commit 56 murders so far this year, compared to 61 last year.

Alkaline Is Dancehall’s Biggest Freakazoid Says Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer isn’t just blasting Mavado, the dancehall legend also turns his attention to Alkaline.

Bounty Killer offload a lot off his chest on Instagram last weekend about his former protege Mavado. The Warlord also had a few things to say about the Vendetta boss, Alkaline, whom he calls dancehall’s biggest freakazoid.” Clearly, Bounty is no fan of Alka and even suggested that the “Champion Boy” deejay disrespected him in the past.

For those of you who don’t know, here is the backstory. In 2014, Alkaline released a song called “Anywhere We Go” where he dissed Bounty Killer and Foota Hype. It seems that’s where the bad blood is coming from and Killer is clearly angry about it.

“It’s clear that Vado doesn’t has no love or respect for me and alliance and I accepted him nuh deal with bling busy or Marshall either but him did song with popcaan and Kartel so why should we be concerned about him alkaline is dancehall biggest freakerzide who dissed me outright and his him Vado took under his wings ok so he shows the world that him don’t rate me anymore which is fine,” Bounty Killer wrote on IG.

Alkaline has not responded but Mavado did post a message on the Gram calling Killer bad mind. Just when we all thought that Bounty and Vado made peace then this. Vybz Kartel is somewhere in his cell watching all of this unfolding and laughing.

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