The St Ann police have charged Anthony Nicholson, otherwise called ‘Nattoney’ with the murder of attorney, Lois Ferguson.

Nicholson, who is from Frazerwood in Highgate, St Mary, is believed to have been living with Ferguson as a condition of his bail in a case before the St Mary Parish Court.

The 28-year-old man turned himself in to police custody on Thursday, 25 after being listed as a person of interest.

Nicholson was subsequently charged a week later on Thursday, February 1 with murder.

He is expected to appear before the St Ann Parish Court next week.

The 54-year-old attorney, popularly known as Neo Makeba, was found dead with a head wound at her home in Shaw Park, Ocho Rios on Saturday, January 20.

She was last seen alive in the company of Nicholson sometime after 7:00p.m. in St Mary on Wednesday, January 17.

Ferguson’s relative became concerned and later found her lifeless body on the floor of a room at her house.

The female attorney, who was a returning resident from England, was an outspoken advocate for human rights and also a social worker.