Dalton Harris shared his story over the weekend during his very first prime time interview in Jamaica since winning the UK X Factor.

Last year, the Jamaican entertainer was embroiled in a series of controversy throughout the British reality television music competition which involved allegations that his was abused by his family including his mother while growing up.

Dalton Harris then received backlash from several Jamaicans online after a photo of him sitting in the lap of fellow male contestant, Brendan Murray went viral.

Speaking with Onstage TV, Harris told Winford Williams that he now resides in the London and is currently working on his music career to make the transition form a competition winner to a recording artiste.

Harris also detailed his £1m record deal multi-album deal before touching on the controversy surrounding his name, “I’ve never said anything bad about my mother because she is my mother….. I said i was abused, my mother herself was an abused child by her mother,” he said.

Dalton added that shortly after revealing that he was an abused child he had a conversation with his mother to offer comfort against social media trolls. Unfortunately that was their last conversation and their relationship is now non-existent,

“It’s non-existent at the moment but its my mother and if my other call me tomorrow and said she needs something i’m going to do it,” he said. “But if she calls me and tell me i have to and she doesn’t need it then i will not because i’m a grown man with my own problems.”

Speaking on his viral lap photo Dalton Harris said initially when he was told about the photo by his sister he was laughing however he became worried when he started to received death threats. “When mi get the video them with the gun them and man have one mask and a say ‘yo you cyaa come back (Jamaica)’ and a brandish gun and dem little thing deh, mi start look at it different.”

Watch Dalton Harris full interview below.

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