Dancehall artist D’Angel rolls out the music video for her alleged Spice diss track “Mind Yuh Business.”

D’Angel recently released the music video for her alleged Spice diss track, “Mind Yuh Business.”

The First lady of Dancehall, earlier this year, took her feud with Spice to the recording studio.

D’Angel linked up with DJ Sunshine’s Yellow Moon Records for the diss track titled “Mind Yuh Business” aimed at the “Romantic Mood” singer.

The song, which is featured on the new “Kanta Riddim,” was released in Janaury amidst Spice and D’Angel’s messy online feud.

“Out of order… Bright eee! How you fi tell mi weh fi do, how fi do, how fi sing, but yuh nuh easy / Hey Yellow Moon… Mi a do me and dem a do dem / Years mi a do it and dem never see dem / Never yet call dem name or put dem to shame and a never me trouble dem,” D’Angel sings over the beat.

Watch “Mind Yuh Business” music video by D’Angel.

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