D’Angel has been subliminally taking jabs at her rival Spice over the last few days.

Last week Thursday, D’Angel uploaded a video dancing at an local event just days after Spice attended the same session, dubbed “Fantasy Wednesdays.”

The first lady of Dancehall was also seen dancing with Spice’s longtime friend, dancer Shelly Belly, who is featured in her new “Romantic Mood” music video.

“My haters try to do every thing i do so this can’t be hate it must be some thing else🤔 How can you hate me and then want to be like me🙄 I’m confused,” Spice wrote. “Help me find another word cause it can’t be hate 🙄. Imitation is the highest form of flattery #Beyourself you look Awkward AF 🤣😂🤣 Bye.”

Shortly after Spice’s post, D’Angel wrote, “Girl Happy Over Here🤣 #meadome,” that post was followed by, “Why They Be Stressing??? Music Is A Mission Not A Competition!.”

“Meanwhile💃A Mi Good Looks It A Bun Dem! Swagga It A Bun Dem! Confidence A Bun Dem Up! 😛#slowdeath,” she wrote under under her most recent post.

Spice and D’Angel started feuding December of last year over their smash hit “No Worries” collaboration.

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