Recording artiste Danielle D.I. has released two videos addressing colourism and its impact on African women of varying complexions.

“The struggle is real. Mi nuh know wah some gyal ah talk bout, weh dem a sey ah black girl alone have problem,” The “Rebel” singer said in her first video, “Ah dark skin girls alone go through struggles cah brown girl born with gold spoon inna fi dem mouth. Clearly, cah brown gyal nose nuh run too, brown gyal head side nuh picky picky?”

Danielle D.I. continued by listing some of the struggles women of lighter complexion go through, including her.

In the second video, she spoke about Reggae superstar Buju Banton’s receiving backlash for his classic “Love Mi Browning” single and had to return with lyrics like, ‘Mi nuh stop cry fi all black woman, big up all de girls dem wid dark complexion,’ but noted: “It was his way of showing respect for complexions.”

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The entertainer’s video comes on the heels of Spice’s “Black Hypocrisy” success last year with many believing D.I’s video was tackling the “Queen of Dancehall.”

However D.I refuted the claims saying, “All I want people to do is acknowledge that the struggle is real whether light or dark-skinned, but at the same time in the past 30 years, I don’t believe skin colour has been a measure of how far a person gets in life. Don’t tell me you have struggled more because you are darker show me which dark-skinned entertainer was intentionally held back in the past 30 years.”

Watch Danielle D.I.’s videos below.

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