Spice has come under fire from Dancehall Queen (DHQ) Tall Up who is accusing her of stealing her style.

In a lengthy post uploaded to Instagram earlier this week, Tall Up blasted Spice and her Team Spice dancers for allegedly jacking her head top stunt.

Responding to a new video of Spice dancing on her head, Tall Up wrote,  “Ppl unu tell dah lady yah seh fi come out a mi blutclaut shadow everything mi do unu follow miss #SPICEOFFICIAL mi block out her rass so mi can’t tag her unu tag her fi mi.”

Tall Up continued that she woke up to people sending her the video of Spice performing her stunt, “Nobody never tell u fi diss we so u couldn’t get no more ideas and style u get indicator ,robotwine fi sing bout already a wah u cyah low we now ???,” she continued.

View Tall Up’s full post below.

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