Govana and Tarrus Riley links up for a brand new song titled “Unanswered.”

Unanswered is produced by Chimney Records and Raheef Muzik Group. The feel-good single is the third track off Govana’s forthcoming album “Humans and Monsters Are Not The Same” due later this year.

“Call me, I don’t ever wonna be lonely / Need you in a me life and you only / Without you there is no other me only / But you never answer / Call me,” Tarrus Riley sings while Govana comes through with his signature flow, “Without a queen what’s a king to a palace / Yo even more than a queen you’re a Goddess / Yo make me change me life me ago be honest.”

The track is already getting rave reviews from Dancehall and Reggae fans online, “We need more hard hitting collaborations like this in Jamaica,” one fan wrote on YouTube.

“Wow i’m so proud of Govana, this song is absolutely amazing! love his growth,” another added.

The music video shows Govana sending some gifts and rose to his on-again, off-again, girlfriend after their recent breakup. The 4th Genna deejay repeatedly calls her phone however she refuses to answer.

Govana’s girlfriend then drove to the ocean to let the wave wash the gifts away, but she couldn’t let go of one particular gift, a diamond ring.

Watch Govana and Tarrus Riley New Music Video “Unanswered” Below.

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