Dancehall entertainer Gully Bop is not only looking to make a musical comeback this year but he is also set to launch a foundation to aide youth athletes and sports development in Jamaica.

The Gully Bop Cares Foundation recently made the first in a series of donations to young cricketers in community of Maxfield Park in Kingston. Bop supplied the young athletes with bats, balls and other gears. He also made monetary donations to some of the outstanding young players.

According to the “Wuk Affa Mi” deejay’s manager and publicist, Karl Durrant, Bop has always been giving back to the community however they say it fit to highlight his good deeds due to the bad media coverage he has been getting over the last few months.

“Giving isn’t something new for Gully Bop. He has always been giving back to those less fortunate than himself for a while, and he has particularly been supportive of children who are interested in sports,” Durrant said.

The Gully Bop Cares Foundation will be launched officially later in the coming weeks. Bop also plans to do a bit of motivational speaking in the near future.

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