Reggae entertainer Jah Cure is defending the poor people of Jamaica.

In a series of videos uploaded to his Instagram story, the Grammy-nominated singer called out the Jamaican government for forcing market vendors out of their place of business to facilitate the new road construction.

“Jamaica government stop unu bumbocl*****t f***kery!,” Jah Cure shouted in one video, “See the people dem inna the market yah, weh unu aguh put dem go? Weh dem fi bloodcl****t go?”

The Cure then called out Karl Samuda, the Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation with responsibility for Water, Works and Housing in Jamaica,  “Hey Mr. Karl Samuda, anybody weh a see this and tell you say Jah Cure tell you this, stop yuh f***kery, you hear mi tell you?.”

An irate Jah Cure added that vendors including his grandmother were being forced to leave with no new place to go, “Mi a bawl fi the poor people dem weh inna, look pan mi grandmother weh over deh suh and yah give her $200,000 and she a work here fi 45 years.”

Watch Jah Cure’s video below.

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