With a great start to 2019, Jahmiel continues to rack up accolades on his growing career. The most recent, is attaining 20 Million views for his video ‘U Me Luv’ on VEVO. Produced by Dunwell Productions, ‘U me Luv’ was released in August 2017, the single immediately appealed to a wider audience signalling to Jahmiel and his team that this single needed a special visual to accompany the growing demand.

With over a million views in 3 weeks, Jahmiel immediately reached out to RD Studios to capture the concept of the song and create a visual, which would resonate with not only his fans but a wider audience. Released in late September 2017, ‘U Me Luv’ video has racked up over a million views a month and currently have over 20 million views and counting.

Jahmiel is currently promoting his new singles I Need You, Karma, Feel Like Party, Makin, We Feel The Pain and A Better Tomorrow.

Jahmiel is gearing up to release his debut album later this year. Speaking on the forthcoming project recently, the “A Better Tomorrow” singer seemed very pleased with the body of work already laid and said there is just a few final touches to be made. When asked what he could share about the album, Jahmiel disclosed the album title ‘Greatman’.

In 2016 the moniker “Greatman” became a name, which to the 25 year old artiste, who to many may see as an “overnight success”, has always seen himself as ‘Great’ despite the struggles in music. In 2016 he released a single titled ‘Greatman’ and the name remained one that many saw fit as well, especially for an artist of his drive, struggles and delivery on and off stage.

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