Macka Diamond’s age on Google has changed following her announcement to sue.

The Dancehall entertainer revealed last week that she would be taking legal action after a recent Google search claimed she was 77-years-old.

Macka Diamond’s Wikipedia page was updated following her birthday earlier this month and revealed that Macka Diamond was 77.

Macka, whose given name is Charmaine Munroe, was born on January 12, 1942  in Kingston, Jamaica, according to Wikipedia.

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Speaking with G View TV in Canada, the “Dye Dye” singer said she was aware of the new search results and her legal team will be filing a lawsuit.

“I have a public several announcement to make because Google and other websites have been going around telling the people that i am 77,” Macka Diamond said. “I have nothing further to say than they will have to talk to my lawyer.”

Shortly after Macka Diamond’s announcement, her age was changed to 46 on Wikipedia, the same age as former Dancehall entertainer, Minister Marion hall and veteran Bounty Killer.

Unfortunately Macka Diamond’s age was changed on Sunday with 119-years-old.

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