Macka Diamond’s mother has sought to defend her against internet trolls constantly changing her age on Google.

The veteran Dancehall artiste’s Wikipedia now claims she is about 119, which would made the ‘Dye Dye’ singer the oldest living person in the world currently.

Over the last few weeks Macka Diamond’s age changed several times on Google, from unknown to 77, 46 and now 119.

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In a video uploaded to Instagram on Monday, Macka revealed that her mother was 68-year-old, so unless she gave birth to her the google search results were not correct.

Macka Diamond’s mother then sent out a message to the trolls, “Unuh back offa mi daughter.. leave her alone! A jealous unu jealous offa her because she look young, sexy and nice… unu Gweh,” she said in the clip.

Meanwhile, Macka Diamond has threatened legal action against those peddling the fake age as truth, “I’m taking action already. I’ve been on the phone all weekend, getting some understanding. Me and my lawyers are gonna figure it out,” the 48-year-old deejay said.

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