AceGawd is unbothered about his breakout single “Mark X & Axio (Choppa Life)” being labelled as an anthem for persons indulging in the illicit lottery scamming trade.

Lottery scamming is a major problem in Jamaica and authorities believe it has infiltrated the Dancehall industry.

However AceGawd refuses to pay attention to the critics of his single citing that his hard work and determination is the reason for the track’s success, “Me reach at this level because a di hard work weh me and my team put in, being in the streets to get our music played out there,” the up-and-coming Dancehall entertainer said.

Mark X & Axio (Choppa Life) is produced by Maths of Minds Productions, the official music video racked up over 600,000 views on YouTube since its release on December 21.

The gritty track glorifies sexual activities being performed in the brand cars as the deejay, who claim he’s the “hypest kid” in Dancehall, raves about his skin bleaching, guard ring, and lavish lifestyle.

AceGawd says he predicted the success of “Mark X & Axio (Choppa Life)” and his mission in Dancehall is to put Mandeville on the map.

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