Up and coming Dancehall artiste 9TYZ is the voice of the modern woman with her bold approach to mainstream music. The diva started off the new year right by officially signing with YGF Records. Although she has been under the tutelage of Tevin Richards, ceo of YGF Records for some time now, they finally decided to make it official.

“YGF Records is like my second home, so when I was approached to be the first lady I immediately jumped to the opportunity; I Know that things can only get better from her on,” expressed 9TYZ

 Blazing the scene in 2018, the artiste kept the buzz going with the release of her 7 track EP,  Bad Like 90’s, which included tracks such as Slow Wine, Happy Time and the popular Mr. Hot Bwoy.

Now that 9TYZ is officially signed, she is even more confident and ready for the next stage of her career.

“I’ve been working with YGF from the start but now that everything is official, I’m excited to just keep the momentum going and get everyone to know who 9TYZ truly is,” she said.

Though fresh to the scene, she has built quite an impressive catalogue so far, with more to come in 2019. Her latest collaboration is a fiery single with Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, titled Shatta With 9. Produced by YGF Records, the track will be featured on the label’s upcoming The Black Diamond EP which is slated for release in March.

For 9TYZ, a new single is to be released, titled Extra Wet. Following Bad Like 90’s, the artiste is working on her second EP, which can be expected later in the year. She is also expected to be featured on a few shows and an eventual tour in the next coming months.

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