The latest single by producers Dakrome and Datzryte Entertainment ‘Dominatrix’, has a sultry, sexiness that garners its weight in one sophisticated production; its potent sound oozes creativity and Sheba the Diva (formerly of Gaza Empire) adds to it a fuel only hardcore music listeners can appreciate.

This is the ultimate bedroom song for 2019, Dominatrix’s seductive sound is equally matched by Sheba’s lyrical ability, she opens with “50 shades a gray ina mi black / Mi fingernails a dig ina yuh back / Mi know seh yuh like when mi ruff yuh / Put yuh pon di bed an den mi handcuff yuh!”, she’s bold, masterful and x-rated; true to form.

Recorded in the winter of 2018, her inspiration for the song was birthed by a male friend who, “is totally obsessed with the idea of me dominating him… because it’s kinda my thing”, she enthuses. The production was crafted for a select genre of Dancehall in mind. Sexy chords entwined with a punchy bassline gave life to what is a well-composed track, “It was me just flirting around with the keyboard, finding some sounds that I thought was sexy.

I was running through my mind some of the sexy sounding artists in the Dancehall… that’s how it was created”, explains Dakrome. Shot in Jamaica and directed by Promaxx, the official music video is scheduled to be released on Friday, 8th March, 2019 exclusive to Dakrome Production TV.

An old warehouse in the depths of Salt River, Jamaica gives a locational value that adds to the highbred of the song; giving it the complimentary finish needed to push it to its fullest potential. On the 2nd February, Dominatrix was premiered on Zip FM by renowned DJ, ZJ Ice. Since, it has received commendable reviews from tastemakers within the Dancehall industry. Its crossover appeal which delves into the world of RnB has also been notably raved about. It is a new-gen of Dancehall music, a new sound for world music; aptly coined Dancehall Soul and Dominatrix is a sure hit single.

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