Tifa is back-pedalling on her plans to retire from Dancehall.

Last year the Dancehall diva, whose given name is LaTifa Brown, shocked fans when she announced that she was contemplating leaving the music business behind.

However speaking the audience at Red Stripe Live concert last Friday held at the company’s Spanish Town Road headquarters in Kingston, Tifa made it clear that she is here to stay.

“I will not be retiring from dancehall,” Tifa said during her performance, “Long time dem a seh mi fi retire, dem seh me too brown fi do dancehall, dem seh mi a handicap, but who Jah bless no man can curse ’cause me in front a unuh right now.”

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“I will retire when I feel like it is necessary to retire, nobody ah guh dictate to me or try push me out of the business,” she added.

The “Spell It Out” deejay says her fans are the biggest reason for her decision to stay in Dancehall,  “Last year, in particular, made me realise you can’t too follow social media. Social media is about the hype and the laughs and the comments for that moment. You never know who is watching and who is taking offence. I’ve had so many people come in to dms (direct messages) and be like: ‘Don’t let them run you out of the business.’ People inna high levels weh me woulda never expect to reach out to me were like: ‘Don’t leave’,” she said.

Tifa’s revealed that her number one goal before even contemplating the idea of retirement is to enter the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, “It’s not about queen or princess. I always wanted to do what Patra did and break through the charts.

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