UpTop Boss Teejay currently has the number one trending music video in Jamaica with “Owna Lane.”

The conscious single is one of the biggest Dancehall/Reggae tracks since the start of the year with the official audio amassing 6.6 millions streams on Teejay’s VEVO channel.

The Montego Bay-based deejay linked up with his African Kydd to shoot the visuals for the Romeich Entertainment-produced song.

The cut starts with a man chatting law enforcement officers over the telephone saying he’s prepared to snitch on the entertainer. Teejay is then recorded driving his luxury car on the north coast minding his business before linking up with some thugs who kidnapped the police informant.

“Me no frighten fi links, me have style to mi thing / And me no trust some bwoy cah dem will poison mi drinks / And if me no rate you me no go round you people / Me no waan be no links, cah me know fi hol’ out / If me cyaan buy a spliff, much less fi buy a drinks,” Teejay sings over the beat.

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